The Auricula (20th September 2017)

The Auricula -Luci Skinner of Woottens Plants… Luci is a co-owner and manager of Woottens of Wenhaston. Auricula are a particular speciality of Woottens. They have some of the largest collections of Irises, Pelargoniums, Auricula and Hemerocalis in the UK. 75% of the stock is propagated on site. Woottens have some very rare plants, some of which originated in the 1700s. Continue reading “The Auricula (20th September 2017)”

Members’ Table Show (19th July 2017)

The Horticultural Society held one of the highlights of the year, the members’ table show. The beginning of the evening saw everyone with an entry or two frantically trying to get it all set up in time before the judge arrived. Then there was a quick tidy up before everyone settled down. While the judging was taking place we had a short talk by Will Purdom who mainly grows exotic plants. Continue reading “Members’ Table Show (19th July 2017)”

Pathway Care Farm (21st June 2017)

Our speaker was Geoff Stevens from Pathways Care Farm in Lowestoft (behind Tesco). The land was originally a farm some of which was sold off for development. After the farmer moved away the remaining land became very neglected. Suffolk County Council obtained the land on a 27 year lease in order that the land could be used by vulnerable people. Continue reading “Pathway Care Farm (21st June 2017)”

Spring Flowers Evening (19th April 2017)

The meeting held on 19th April was particularly well attended, with 3 new members joining us. This was a special event as it was the Spring Flowers evening where members show their flowers according to a schedule and these were then judged by the members themselves with a special vote for best in show. Continue reading “Spring Flowers Evening (19th April 2017)”