Visit to Ken Abel’s Garden Saturday 4th August 2018.

In spite of the heat we had a very pleasant morning in Ken’s garden. The first thing to greet you on entering was the most impressive display of hostas  beautifully arranged and not a slug bite to be seen, after admiring these, which benefited from being kept in the shade, we rounded the corner and were confronted with the most stunning succulents, large plants with wavy leaves of many different varieties. Continue reading “Visit to Ken Abel’s Garden Saturday 4th August 2018.”

Members Table Show Wednesday 18th July 2018

The last meeting of the Society was the members Table show, one of the big events of the year. Surprisingly in spite of the dry weather there were many entries of first rate flowers and vegetables, from sweet peas, roses and fuchsias plus wonderful vases of flowers. There was also a good showing of vegetables and fruit, a photography class of a seaside pier and lastly a lovely mouthwatering collection of Victoria sponges. Continue reading “Members Table Show Wednesday 18th July 2018”

Low Maintenance Plants by Matt Tanton Brown. 20th June 2018

Our June meeting was Low Maintenance plants by Matt Tanton Brown from Place for Plants East Bergholt. He had a lovely display set out, a plantsmens’ paradise and opened the evening by stating that there is no such thing as a low maintenance plant as all plants need some sort of maintenance. Continue reading “Low Maintenance Plants by Matt Tanton Brown. 20th June 2018”