Social Evening held on Wednesday, 15th January 2020

This was our first meeting of the New Year guaranteed to put us in good spirits. There was a very good attendance with 40 people turning up for the fun. The evening started with our usual quiz organised by Steve Cubitt. This time it was something different though a tad easier then some we have had in the past. 50 questions to answer naming all the plants trees etc that had their vowels missing, as we were sitting 6 to a table we had plenty of opportunity to confer and chat. Then to the main event, working in pairs, we had to try and throw bean bags through a hole in a specially designed board, as there were 2 boards things moved along very quickly. Gradually most of us were eliminated, leaving the victorious winners, Christine Crisp and her partner Kathy. A simple game but got everyone up and talking and lots of laughter. During a short interval we partook from a huge spread donated by the Club, and tea or coffee. There were 2 tables who managed to answer all 50 quiz questions correctly. We now look forward to another growing season and some interesting speakers for the New Year.