Composting, Worms & Comfrey, a talk by Karen Kenny. 20th February 2019

As usual Karen Kenny gave an amusing and informative talk commencing with the importance of compost to the soil by providing humus and enriching the soil with nutrients.  She then went on to describe various forms of compost collecting methods using bins or pallets, ideally lining and covering pallets. Most things can be put in the compost including egg shells which should be crushed first. For good compost it needs, moisture, air and heat and the food that we give it.  Karen then went on to describe the various process’ from the various bacteria, fungi, nematodes, mites and worms. It is also important to have a balance of carbon and nitrogen in the mix such as shredded newspaper mixed with green waste to get the balance right.  She continued with other methods of recycling waste such as a wormery which can be made from a plastic dustbin, or can be purchased and the worms supplied, alternatively they can be purchased from fishing tackle shops. The product of this, the liquid which diluted can be used as a plant feed, or the granular material produced can be used for a top dressing or mixed with leaf mold for potting plants. Karen the discussed the value of having comfrey in the garden though it must be Symphytum Uplandican . The diluted liquid can be used as a fertilizer and the wilted leaves put into the potato trench.  At question time somebody asked about black  Spot on roses and Karen suggested a mixture of elder and soft soap sprayed on during the dormant season and continued during the growing season.