Visit to Ken Abel’s Garden Saturday 4th August 2018.

In spite of the heat we had a very pleasant morning in Ken’s garden. The first thing to greet you on entering was the most impressive display of hostas  beautifully arranged and not a slug bite to be seen, after admiring these, which benefited from being kept in the shade, we rounded the corner and were confronted with the most stunning succulents, large plants with wavy leaves of many different varieties. Every bit of space was filled with plants. At the top of the garden, vegetables were growing mixed in with fruit bushes and apple trees.  The greenhouses were comparatively cool compared to the heat outside as the fans were running to stop the precious plants from overheating. These naturally had the collections of pelargoniums of all varieties. There was also a very good collection of cacti and more succulents. At every corner nook and cranny there were plants, more hostas and succulents and all in beautiful condition. We also enjoyed coffee and homemade cake.  Altogether a very worthwhile visit.