Spring Flowers Evening (19th April 2017)

The meeting held on 19th April was particularly well attended, with 3 new members joining us. This was a special event as it was the Spring Flowers evening where members show their flowers according to a schedule and these were then judged by the members themselves with a special vote for best in show.

Members as usual came up trumps and put on a good exhibition in spite of the very early Spring, although there were gaps in the daffodil sections, but the Easter bonnets and Spring flower arrangements were a sight to behold. After the members had made their selections, local gardener of Somerleyton Hall fame, Bob Coutts, gave an informative talk on what we should be doing in our gardens now.

This ranged from lawn care to keeping on top of pests particularly aphids, to timely sowing of seeds and tender vegetables so they can be planted out when the weather is suitable as Spring can be a very fickle time of year. Bob then talked about Herbaceous perennials, reminding us to stake early so the stakes do not show rather then waiting until they flop over over and then try to support them. He also mentioned the importance of covering the plants with soil when they die down to prevent pests from entering via the hollow stems. At this time of year we should also be feeding our plants to give them a good start.

At the end of the talk a member asked a question about the prevention of slug damage and it seems everyone has their pet method from beer traps to copper rings. Another question was about biological control of pests in the greenhouse, and this was said to be effective providing the temperature was adequate.

Following Bob’s talk the results of the show were announced. Information was given out about a future trip to Hyde Hall in August, and about members’ Open Gardens, the first to happen on Saturday 22nd April. We were also reminded about Lowestoft in Bloom and encouraged to enter our gardens , containers and window boxes. As usual we had the raffle and plants for sale and refreshments.