Social Evening (Jan 2018)

The Oulton Broad and Lowestoft Horticultural Society held its annual social for its first meeting of the year. Considering the state of the weather and the darkness of the night we had an extremely good turnout and everyone was in fine form.

The evening started with a copy of a quiz on every table, this years’ theme being pantomime, and its characters, many were easy but there were a few sticky ones such as naming the seven dwarfs, most people managed six but got stuck on the last one.

We then had something completely different, with Donnie Andrews champion dahlia grower showing us his collection of tools and implements used over the last century going back to Victorian times.

The first thing we were shown looked like a metal clothes peg but was in fact a Victorian skirt lifter, which caused much merriment until it was explained the Victorian ladies used them to lift their skirts when they went upstairs or over wet ground.

We were shown many items and regaled with stories throughout, mainly of Donnie’s life on the farm where he grew up, to the tales of how he obtained certain items.

Certain objects were quite familiar to most of us such as Izal and Jeyes toilet paper, Fairy washing soap and blue bags for whitening sheets. Many of the items we had no idea what they were used for, like scissors for topping boiled eggs, a cigarette maker, and partridge carrier. Some implements used on animals were quite barbaric by modern standards, thank goodness we don’t use them now.

Following our talk we then tucked into a veritable feast provided courtesy of the society as we did so well at the show in August.

We finished with the raffle and all agreed it was lovely to be back after the Christmas break and to look forward to the Spring and a good growing year.

The next meeting will be held on 21st February, 7.30pm at St Lukes Church, Homefield Ave, Lowestoft.