Members’ Table Show (19th July 2017)

The Horticultural Society held one of the highlights of the year, the members’ table show. The beginning of the evening saw everyone with an entry or two frantically trying to get it all set up in time before the judge arrived. Then there was a quick tidy up before everyone settled down. While the judging was taking place we had a short talk by Will Purdom who mainly grows exotic plants. He talked about the diversity that can be had in the garden, using plants from all over the world which can cope with our climate, though some would need protection in the Winter. He showed us interesting slides of these exotic plants and explained some of their histories, such as how the ferns used during Victorian times were transported in special cases to ensure their survival.

Will briefly touched on other ways of growing plants, such as herb gardens originally used by monks, to wall palettes of living plants often used on the sides of buildings. He also mentioned ponds and their plants, and special plants to give a jungle-like feel to use in a border. A great deal of a very large subject was covered in a short space of time.

Following the talk, members were able to look around the show and see who had won prizes for entries among the beautifully presented display of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Fifteen cups in all were awarded to the worthy winners, for a good cross section of entries from different members. Tony West won the most prizes, including Best in Show.

It was a lovely sociable evening. Photos of the show can be viewed on our gallery page. There will not be a meeting next month, instead we will hold our big event of the year, the Summer Show on the weekend of August 19th and 20th. See our Summer Show page for details.